Bridging Commerce, achieving Statistical Precision.

Bridgeistics is a dynamic startup empowering Chinese middle and small enterprise companies, who have achieved remarkable success in the Chinese market, to conquer the German market, unlock new opportunities, and establish thriving commerce and trading ventures.

About Us

Simplifying Commerce, Trading for Mutual Wins.

Bridgeistics is simplifying the complexities of commerce and trading processes. It communicates their commitment to creating a streamlined and efficient trading experience while ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved.

  • Market Expertise
  • Multilingual Competence
  • Local Connections
  • Strategic Planning and Documentation
  • Marketing and Branding
  • End-to-end Support

Founder Kay CHEN

Our Services

What Services We Offer

Bridgeistics unlocks commerce and trading success. Our specialized services encompass strategic market entry, cross-border partnerships, logistics optimization, and data-driven research. Simplifying complexities, we drive win-win outcomes. Expand reach, enhance profitability, and propel growth in the global marketplace with our trusted expertise.

Market Entry

  • Enquiry
  • Market study/ Pre-market check
  • Finding business partners
  • Business presence
  • Location consulting
  • Delegation trips organization

Exhibitions (Trade) Fair Services/ Representation

  • Exhibition stands registration
  • Exhibition stands construction and inspection
  • Business multilingual assistance
  • Catering during the exhibition
  • Business trip organization

Exhibition/ Branding Design

  • Booth design and concept development
  • Layout and space planning
  • Material selection and sourcing
  • Graphics and signage production
  • Custom booth construction
  • Logistics and installation

AI-Supported Overseas Business Management

  • Market reporting and analysis
  • Business development
  • Relationship management
  • Operations coordination
  • Remote team management
  • Financial management

Startup Consulting Services

  • Event organization
  • Business seminar organization
  • Company registration
  • Office establishment
  • Documentation

Visa Application Support for Inbound/ Outbound

  • Visa consultation for business
  • Document preparation
  • Application submission
  • Visa tracking
  • Visa expedited/ renewal services
  • Visa interview preparation
Our Blog

Latest Blog & Articles

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    Bridging Commerce and Cultures!

    Bridgeistics, a pioneering commerce trading company, is delighted to announce its official launch in 2023. With a strategic focus on supporting Chinese middle and small enterprises, Bridgeistics is dedicated to bridging the gap and propelling business expansion into the thriving German market. Driven by our mission to bridge commerce and achieve statistical precision, Bridgeistics offers…

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