Market Entry

3-1-1: Enquiry

3-1-2: Market study | Pre-market check

3-1-3: Finding business partners

The Bridge is glad to assist you in finding competent business partners abroad. Through comprehensive, target group-oriented research, they can arrange contact with potential trade representatives, trading partners, customers, and manufacturers. A member of our staff will become your regular contact and will activate the network for you in each region.

In addition, the Bridge will arrange the initial interaction with your selected contact partners in their respective language.

3-1-4: Business presence

For many small and middle-sized Chinese companies, market entry and market development abroad can be difficult. Aside from insufficient market experience and distance or impossible to open foreign markets. This is where the business presence of the Bridge comes in. as a permanent representation, we serve as an important contact point for clients and business partners in each foreign country. The company address in the respective country is a particularly convincing argument when it comes to potential business partners.

As an extended arm of the local export department and as a link between the Chinese company and its foreign market with a manageable time and financial budget. And this can be done without having to set up a separate office with one’s own staff.

3-1-5: Location consulting

Whether you are building new commercial relationships or are expanding already existing contacts: the Bridge is ideally acquainted with local conditions and will help you to find your way around your unfamiliar surroundings quickly. With their expertise, the Bridge can thus support you in your search for the most economically suitable and strategically most favorable distribution or production site.

3-1-6: Delegation trips organization

Bridge organizes delegation trips to respective foreign countries and (in/outbound) to German language speaking regions.